CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp) for LCD monitor


1. what is CCFL?


A cold cathode is a cathode that is not electrically heated by a filament. A cathode may be considered "cold" if it emits more electrons than can be supplied by thermionic emission alone. It is alused in gas-discharge lamps, such as neon lamps, discharge tubes, fluorescent lamp for LCD monitors and some types of vacuum tube. The other type of cathode is a hot cathode, which is heated by electric current passing through a filament. A cold cathode does not necessarily operate at a low temperature: it is often heated to its operating temperature by other methods, such as the current passing from the cathode into the gas.


2. How to Apply?


If any CCFL is defective, LCD screen would be faded out. You may simply replace CCFL.


3. Reference Price


Most of the CCFL would cost only US$1 ~ US$2. If you had any interest, please contact to hddtrade@gmail.com or call +82-10-2734-3535