General Description on the ACF


(1) ACF is an abrebiation of Anisotropic Conductive Film. The ACF is consisted with (1)  Base Fim (2) ACF Epoxy (3) Conductive balls or particle and (4) Transparent cover film. Before bonding the ACF, one should remove the base film. You may sse the yellow lesin after remove the base film 

ACF Bonder, ACF laminator


(2)   Most of the ACF is single type, but some of the ACF is double type.


(3)  The conductive ball is consited with (1) Polymer (2) Nickel (3) Gold (4) Insulation. It is covered with gold, it looks somewhat yellowish. Because of the Insulation, it will not make the electricity to pass through it.


(4)    Myung's machine is designed for COF but it might be utilized in the other devices.